List the events you promote on your blogger, Instagram, Wechat and more.

With Chumi Mobile App, you can easily share events, track and get paid instantly by selling tickets. All money directly deposited into your bank account.

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Have your own site to sell tickets, monetize your content

Provide your customers with a great value add service while generating an excellent additional revenue stream for your business.

Being Media Partner

Events Promotion Made Easy!

Here is the flow

  • 01 Register Chumi and told us you want to be a partner.

    You don't need 1 million followers, we are talking about event promotion. As long as you can encourage your followers, friends to attend events then you can be the event influencer.

  • 02 Get invited or Request to sell tickets

    You can only sell tickets and get commission after you get invited by organizer, if the organizer use other ticketing systems you can still ask them to use Chumi to invite you.

  • 03 Get Paid

    You can track every ticket sold on the dashboard, we use Stripe to send the money to your bank account.

  • CHUMI Platform
  • Get invited
  • Promote events
  • Get paid

Our users stories

April Zh.

"I am running a media site, and lots of organizers came to me and ask for promotion. It used to be time-consuming because there are some back forward communication, Chumi really saves the day."


"Chumi is one of the best apps in my phone. Unlike TicketMaster,we can do both buying and promotion tickets on Chumi. If you would like to earn some pocket money,download Chumi and join us!"

Shily L.

"Chumi made promoting events and selling tickets easier and more convenient than ever. Promoters can easily promote events by clicking one button. Chumi app keeps track of tickets sold and commission is calculated automatically. It is super convenient and user friendly."