Let Game-changing technology empower online ticketing

We bring leading AI technology to empower over 100 indie entertainment promoters and venues who want to make more profit and make fans, artists happy.


AI email customer service

Decrease 90% of workload for responding order information and other FAQs to your customers

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Optimize Ticket Arrangement

Use AI to predict demand, dynamically adjust ticket for specific seats before public sales. Maximum your chance to sell out and make more profit.

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Venue intelligent access

AI face cognitive to improve venue check-in traffic efficiency as well as protect ticket fraud.

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Intelligent Promotion

Sell more tickets by encouraging end customers sharing events on their social network using AI technology.

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Independent promoters solution

With Chumi, we provide all the services that help you sell and manage tickets under your own brand.

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Performing arts

Turn to Chumi to empower your venue with most leading technologies to engage patrons and create memorable experiences.

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Arenas & Sports

Chumi's industry-leading, venue-enabling ticketing put you back in control of revenue increase and fan relationships. Our comprehensive ticketing are designed to help you sell more tickets and keep fans happy in a fully automated fashion.

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Regional Ticketing Partners

Chumi is a partner with more ticketing company that can build a brand and serve a different market segment. Partners can package Chumi ticketing into their ticketing without rebuilding the wheel.

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Everything you need to sell, promote and manage tickets to your event online

Presale for Your VIP

Sell TicketMaster-venue tickets

Affiliate Management

Reserved Seating Map

Upsell Merchandise

In-house Ticketing

Convert Third-party Tickets into Chumi tickets

Box Office

Who we've worked with

Experience in all the right places

We work with brands in a variety of event types, from concerts to sports, in a variety of different ways. Here are just a few.

  • kpopme
  • JuicyMusic
  • imagic
  • kpopcanada