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We have following programs to suit your goals

Make Programs
online ticketing

Integrate Chumi into your proposal

Make Chumi products part of your plan to your clients, you will earn recurring revenue and get premier support.


Tell us about event professionals who would benefit from an event app or lead retrieval solution. We’ll take it from there and when they buy, you’ll both earn a reward.

Invite multiple media

You have connections to media partners or Influencers, invite them to use Chumi to promote tickets, earn 20% of what they earn.

Marketing Partners

Get Chumi partner certification, help clients all the way along, earn huge product commission

Available products for partner program

Agency Dashboard
online ticketing

Chumi ticketing

Provide entire ticketing infrastructure including all standard features, instant payment, custom seat map, Linea Pro Scanner, boca printer software and so much more.

Chumi website builder

Self-service event website builder is excellent for organizers who need a single event page. we offer single event templates, single conference templates, music tour templates and more.

Chumi event mobile app builder

Self-service event app builder is excellent for organizers who need an event app service. all attendees can access to a private event network to checkout agenda, speakers, sponsors, and connect to others.

Event website & Event App customization

For big events, they need a customized website and event mobile app, we offer a professional team for them.

White Label Media Partners Event Website

Help media monetize their traffic under their own brand and domain. They can customize what kind of events shown on page.

Marketing Partners

We want to share the future with you.



Revenue share

  • Premier support
  • Responsible for client success
  • No KPI required

Why you become partners with Chumi instead of others

We believe building an event software is not the future, but an event promotion network is. In the near future, all the profit will come from the network like new type of google ads. Become partners today, use one way or the other to establish the network, when that day comes, we make sure you can make money beyond your imagination.