Event promotion tools to help you sell more

Build your customer database and promote your events online

Discount Codes

Offer discount promotion codes to boost ticket sales or set up automatic discounting rules

Promotional Emails

Send engegement and transaction emails to your customers with MailChimp integration

Private VIP Pre-sale

Offer exclusive special sales for you VIPs before public sale

Affiliate Management

Invite, manage and track your affliates easily. Also you can split payment with them


Increase conversions by creating customized triggers and targeting rules for popups

Viral Promotion

Add a unique event URL to your social media feeds to share your event and increase its reach

Boost ticket sales with promotions

VIP exclusive pre-sale discout allows your member to have the privillage to purchase ticket before public sales.

Our discount code feature enables event promoters to add their own single or multi-use promotional discount codes for customers to use.

With Chumi you can add an unlimited number of discounts. Then all you need to do is let your customers know! Send out a promotional email or post the offer on social media to create a buzz for your event.

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Affliate management

Manage all your affiliates operations in one place and increase productivity with a custom branded portal.

Invite your affiliates with easy access to track their online sales, build incentive programs, pay commissions and send scheduled email update.

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Marketing to your customer base

Customers who purchase using our services are automatically added to your database.

With MailChimp integration, you can keep your growing customer base informed with details of your forthcoming events, increasing your ticket income potential.

MailChimp enables you to easily send professional looking emails to your consenting customers.

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