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Yes, please contact us for more details.
For single event, you can upgrade to have website solution any time. For group events, you cannot upgrade directly to website solution if you do not use website template at first point, however you can create a new group event and setup sell tickets button link to un-upgrade existing events.
We provide services to event planners, event promoters, venues etc.

Sell Tickets

You can add sales tax to your ticket sales. Each U.S. state has different laws for how sales tax is collected and reported. If you are not sure if you need to charge tax on your ticket sales, please consult your tax advisor. Chumi can’t give you tax advice.
In certain jurisdictions, Eventbrite is required to facilitate the collection of Tax on our Chumi Service Fees and/or our Chumi Payment Processing Fees (collectively, “Chumi Fees”). Where required, Chumi will calculate, collect and remit the Tax to the Tax Authorities. You don’t need to update the sales tax settings in your event.
In most jurisdictions, Chumi’s facilitation of tax on fees, does not change or impact your tax collection responsibility related to the amounts you charge to your attendees. You’re still responsible for collecting, remitting, and reporting to the Tax Authorities the correct amount of Tax due on the amounts you charge to your attendees.

You can download PDF tickets, or print thermal tickets.

For printing thermal tickets, we only support BOCA Printer. However, if you do not have one and would like to print hard stock tickets using a hard stock ticket printing company (we recommend using you can absolutely do so.

You first need to add guest tickets, and print them as thermal tickets, or download unique ticket confirmation code and forward to your printing company to make it QRcode on hard tickets.


On login page, you will see an option called 'forgot password', it will send you a temporary password to your email.

Buy Tickets

Depends on refund policy from event organizer, you may find it on your check out page. If the event is canceled, all tickets will be refunded automatically.
Because of different email server, tickets email might be sent to your spam inbox or trash inbox. If you cannot find it, please contact us at
Depends on event type, tickets can be either QRcode tickets or PDF tickets. We highly recommend you download 'CHUMI' app, all tickets will be saved there.
Please check out the error information you received, sometimes there is just not enough money on the card. If your card get declined, its possible you are entering wrong credit card information or using a device that is not you normally use.
If you still cannot process the checkout, please contact us at

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