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Popular CPOP promoter story in vancouver


This indie promoter is a leading global entertainment and events company that specializes in Korean events and entertainment.


Using Chumi to sell tickets online and scale to ticketing platform for Kpop.

"With Chumi, KPOPME was able to achieve exactly what they wanted: to sell tickets online and scale to a ticketing platform for Kpop."

KPOPME Entertainment have successfully worked with leading artists like Sung Si Kyung and Dok2, processed over $20M annually


World tour requires KpopMe to sell tickets in multiple currencies, in order to improve cash flow, they needed to convert all purchase to their target currencies.

Promoting events in different areas is challenging because over hundreds of sub sales/partners require commission in different currencies. This adds a heavy amount of work for the promoters and their accountants.

KpopMe needs to sell merchandise in local currency without creating a new shop.


Kpopme used Chumi to create tour events to have the power to collect sales in local currencies while paying out directly in US dollars. Based on events, KpopMe invites local promoters and medias outlets to help them promote the events by using unique tracking link - all commission from the promotion is auto-split and automatically deposited in the right promoter's bank account. No labour involved.

KpopMe also integrated the Chumi merchandise web app into the event so customers can buy merchandise along with tickets, in one single checkout.


over 10000+ customers attended the tour


over 30000+ positive tweets


70% tickets sold after 3 hours public sales


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What does your AI technology do for my business?
We apply our innovative technology to predict the value of your event compared to historical data, so that you can find out how many more tickets you can sell at each level — and at what price. This ensures you meet your goals for every event.
How do I switch from Starter plan to Standard plan?
Simply go to the Billing page in your account and switch the plan there. Still need help? Contact our team and we’d be glad to upgrade you!
How do your fees work?
You pay the percentage stated on every ticket sold — that’s it. No extra or hidden fees. That’s because we combine our own processing fee with the payment gateway fee to make it simpler for you.
In which countries can I use Chumi?
We support 26 countries: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Sweden, and Switzerland.

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