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There are plenty of marketing channels, but there is only one way to go if you want to reach the right audience: with Chumi, your technology partner. Through our promotion solutions that are targeted specifically to the desired audience, we use machine learning algorithm to match you with the right promoters, enabling you to utilise the network’s full potential.
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Event promotion on Chumi – 3 advantages to increase your ticket sales

• Maximum reach

Present your event to hundreds of promoters on Chumi. Or you could invite your own promoters via our system easily.

• Unique selection options

Using specific criteria like region, age, industry and much more, we will match you with your desired promoters.

• Tailored solutions according to your needs

Select the highly converted promoters directly on Chumi or opt to plan a multi-channel campaign with us.

online ticketing
If you own a website
Optimum promotion solution tailored to your needs

Create your own event advertisements with the right promoters

Discover the features we provide for you

Free Mobile App/Website

Promote events by using mobile app or website

Real time statistics system

Track your sales, payout status in real time

Direct payout to your bank

Direct deposit to your bank account

Connect to custom domain

Make website under your own domain name

Beautiful website template

Pick a most suitable website template to list all events under your brand

Artificial intelligence recommendation system

Automatically recommend events for your audience

Invite media/influencer and earn rewards

Invite other influencers or media, get credit rewards

Invite event organizers and earn rewards

Invite organizers and earn large referral fee

It is free, and you should try it out.

The more you sell the more commission rate you earn. You can remove Chumi ads, with only $10/month