Technology partner for concerts

Chumi works for all kinds of concerts. It doesn’t matter what kind of music event promotion you have in mind, we can help you.

Why Chumi?

Maximum sales

Through our promotion solutions, we exclusively offer you access to Chumi promoters and publish your event on eventbrite.

Boost your brand

Your event website is your brand. You have full control of the look of them, highlighting your brand not ours.

Flexible seating plan

You have the freedom to choose whether your event will be general admissions or reserved seating depending on your specific needs.

Chumi with you for every step of your event

Complete control of your brand

Communicate your brand through effective unity of logo, theme, colors, and fonts on the event website. This will make the first introduction of the event to the potential attendees and raise your brand awareness.

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Better website, more sales

Chumi empowers you to create better user experience and generate more leads. With our platform, you can build high-converting websites, popups and sticky bars for any events. Also with our A/B testing tool, you can optimize your website to generate more sales.

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Seamless concert ticketing solution

Our technology facilities concerts for both organizers and attendees. Your fans can buy tickets anytime on any device. Our solution supports any tickets types and can even tailored seating plan based on your venue.

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Consignment ticketing solution

Provide your members a better ticket-purchase user experience(For example, sell tickets under your own members ticket shop) and get a better cash flow. Our technology facilities help you send PDF consignment tickets from third-party to your members automatically no matter which venue you host events.

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Tailored event promotion

Concert promotion is key to success. Chumi works with top promoters to track, manage and promote events at scale. Also your event will be published on other ticketing platform automatically, such as eventbrite.

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Key features

Flexible Ticketing

Secure payment

Branded solution

Affiliate management

Real-time editing

Reporting suit

Lifetime upgrade

Mobile ticketing

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Let us take care of technology so that you can focus on event

When you invite 10 media partners help you sell tickets, Chumi will give you 20% cash back for anything you bought