Event promotion, sell more tickets with Chumi

Chumi gives you powerful ways to promote your event, build an audience list and sell more tickets.

Event promotion on Chumi – 3 advantages to increase your ticket sales

Maximum reach

Present your event to hundreds of promoters on Chumi. Or you could invite your own promoters via our system easily.

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Unique selection options

Using specific criteria like region, age, industry and much more, we will match you with your desired promoters.

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Tailored solutions

Select the highly converted promoters directly on Chumi or opt to plan a multi-channel campaign with us.

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Optimum promotion solution tailored to your needs

Create your own event advertisements with the right promoters

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Streamline work with your own promoters

Manage all your promoter operations in one place and increase productivity with a custom branded portal.

Invite your promoters with easy access to track their online sales, build incentive programs, pay commissions and send scheduled email update.

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Let us take care of technology so that you can focus on event

When you invite 10 media partners help you sell tickets, Chumi will give you 20% cash back for anything you bought