Customized event website that match your brand

A user-friendly interface helps you build beautiful event websites quickly and easily; multiple conversion tools helps you optimize website to increase conversions.

Build and convert

An all-in-one platform

Streamline your work and save time by building your event website to fulfil all your needs. You can choose to publish your Chumi event website to any domain, as And you can modify any template to make it as your own. Every element can be completely customized, helping you stay on-brand while still designing for conversion.

Edit any element with few clicks

Add, remove or customize your page elements with just a few clicks. Anyone can use it… no coding skills required. You can edit primary elements like page sections, text boxes, images, CTA buttons, forms and social widgets. The builder also allows you to write your own custom HTML from scratch.

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All Chumi event website templates are 100% mobile responsive and can be adapted to any mobile device screens. You can easily toggle between mobile and desktop views to ensure your pages look great on any device. Also all event websites are AMP ready, get faster mobile website loading time to provide better mobile experience and boost mobile conversions.

Popups and sticky bars

You can create and launch targeted tools like popups and sticky bars on any website page, each with a dedicated call to action. Customizable triggers and targeting rules give you full control over who sees your offers and when, so you can serve the most relevant offers to the right audience.

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Track and optimize

A/B testing

Run A/B testings to learn more about how your visitors behave and what motivates them to convert, such as what content is more attractive, what color of CTA button can get more clicks, what kind of promotion is more appealing and much more. Our dashboard allows you to access the results on real time, then you could use them to see which version performs better and understand more about how to increasing conversion rates.

Google analytics

Instead of copying and pasting scripts one at a time, our event website embed Google Analytics automatically. You can monitor your event website traffic to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing promotions. Also you can understand your audience better to adjust your marketing messages to better attractive them. What’s importantly, you can get insights regarding to which marketing channel performs the best and allocate your budget accordingly.

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Dynamic retargeting

Every visitor who abandons your event websites without converting is a missed opportunity to drive business value. We are collecting and storing the data for you to use. You could integrate the data with your Facebook, Google Ads, CRM system to retarget them with specific marketing messages.

Version control

All the past versions of your creations are automatically saved — just in case. You could access all your testing results for all past versions to better create and design your future events website.

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Let us take care of technology so that you can focus on event

Build up your own branded event website and boost your ticket sales

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