Online Event Ticketing System

All the technology solution you need to create, sell and manage your secure online ticketing sales.

System to support the entire event ticketing lifecycle

Chumi delivers the meetings and events industry with best-in-class technology that can handle the entire event ticketing lifecycle from start to finish. Our ticketing system has something to help you at each stage of your ticketing process—from publishing event, creating seating plan, setting up payment gateway, to tracking event sales and attendees’ data, getting payouts, and ultimately providing you with post-event analytics to measure your ROI.

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Learn how Chumi can be the technology partner for your event ticketing

Create reserved seating plans to suit your event

Chumi supports both general admission and reserved seating events. You can allow your customers to choose their own seat, or automatically have the system place them in the best available seats!

Keep track of your sales

Chumi allows you track your traffic, sales, attendee lists and other performance data in real time. Take an in-depth look at these data to ensure you are on top of the progress of event tickets sales.

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Secure and convenient online tickets purchase

Chumi offers your attendees all common payment methods: credit cards, PayPal, Wechat payment, Alipay, instant bank transfer and prepayment. And tickets, confirmations and invoices will be delivered automatically.

Secure and instant payouts

We’ll handle all payment processing on your behalf. And you can choose to receive net payouts of your tickets sales instantly.

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Get insights of your success

By the time your event is finished, you'll have generated a wealth of data for this event with Chumi, and the system is well-equipped to help you analyse that data by using detailed analytics.

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Let us take care of technology so that you can focus on event

When you invite 10 media partners help you sell tickets, Chumi will give you 20% cash back for anything you bought