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No additional processing fees — what you see is what you get

Sell tickets online

2% per transaction
  • Stunning, ready-to-launch website templates & website builder
  • All-in-one Ticketing for reserved seating or general admission
  • Upsell merchandise at ticket checkout
  • Third-Party Tickets Conversion (Sell TicketMaster-venue Tickets)
  • Credit card fraud and fake tickets prevention
  • Split payments between you and your partner
  • Supports all major credit cards, PayPal, AliPay, WechatPay
  • Access to Chumi web app store to customize your purchase and management experience

First-time event organizers dipping their toes in ticketing

4% per transaction
  • Everything in Starter plan
  • White label your event website
  • Sell on partners' website
  • Send third-party PDF tickets in auto fashion
  • Upsell merchandise
  • Build in CRM
  • Create your own affiliate network & sell on your partner's website
  • Free hosting & unlimited connections to custom domains
  • Pre-sale with your VIP email list
  • Team access and permissions
  • Schedule payout to you as event based
  • Premium support
  • Volume discount

Independent promoters and performers

From $119per month
  • Everything in Starter and Standard plan
  • Build your own ticketing marketplace
  • Create marketing emails
  • Cross event reporting and analysis tool.
  • Volume discount
  • Multiple type of member system
  • Open API and Open dashboard
  • Split payment system to pay you and your member.
  • Printer service

Venues and regional ticket partners

Build your ticketing platform

Platform Starter
$149/ per month.
Platform Starter
$119/ per month.
  • Everything in sell tickets online
  • Up to 1000 monthly active users
  • Cross event reporting and analysis tool
  • Volume discount
  • Multiple type of member system
  • Open API and Open dashboard
  • Split payment system to pay you and your member
  • Printer service
  • Unlimited traffic, listings & images
  • Unlimited transactions
  • Support 7 days a week

First-time event organizers dipping their toes in ticketing

Platform Grow
$199/ per month.
Platform Grow
$159/ per month.
  • Start everything in platformE
  • Up to 10000 monthly active users
  • Build in email marketing system
  • Upload your own purchase email template and website template
  • Payment Gateway discount
  • Chumi growing tools

Growing promoter company or ticketing platform

Platform Scale
Contact us
  • Everything in platform Grow
  • Customization for special needs
  • In person POS system
  • One site support
  • Potential partnerships

Venues, regional ticket partners, organizations

Design a Enterprise package for your business
Available for businesses with large payments volume or unique business models

"With the Enterprise solution, our team takes care of training your team. Every Enterprise member gets assigned to their own Customer Success Manager. Access custom features built specifically for you, on-site staffing and support, advanced data analytics, and even your own application."

Ashley Right

Director at Chumi

Recommended Add-ons

Award-winning website designs
  • Flexible for a one time fee or monthly fee
  • Fully integrated with Chumi system
Professional Support team

Hire Chumi partners company to manage your ticketing in safe and efficient way, so you dont need to hire people do it.

  • 7 days a week
  • Phone and email support
  • Phone ticket sales

All Your Questions,

What does your AI technology do for my business?
We apply our innovative technology to predict the value of your event compared to historical data, so that you can find out how many more tickets you can sell at each level — and at what price. This ensures you meet your goals for every event.
How do I switch from Starter plan to Standard plan?
Simply go to the Billing page in your account and switch the plan there. Still need help? Contact our team and we’d be glad to upgrade you!
How do your fees work?
You pay the percentage stated on every ticket sold — that’s it. No extra or hidden fees. That’s because we combine our own processing fee with the payment gateway fee to make it simpler for you.
In which countries can I use Chumi?
We support 26 countries: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Sweden, and Switzerland.

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