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Chumi, your technology partner brings the most advanced, on-demand, customized solution which caters to the needs of your events.
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online ticketing

Event promotion, sell more tickets

Fully integrated solutions to promote your event on one platform

• Spread the word

Use algorithm to match your event to hundreds of promoters on our platform. > Find out more

• Maximum reach

Advertise on other ticketing platform automatically, such as eventbrite.

• Highly tailored solution

Invite, track and bill your own affiliates by email via our system easily

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online ticketing
Branded Website

Branded website, sell tickets online

Sell your tickets online easily with your very own event website

• Create event in minutes

Chumi offers an easy to use system allowing you to get your events up and running in minutes.

• Raise brand awareness

Create consistent looking event websites customized to match your branding. No HTML knowledge required.

• Optimize website with A/B testing tool

Generate more revenue by improving content, reducing bounce rate and increasing conversions.

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online ticketing

Ticketing/ Registration system

Powering tickets purchasing for organizations of all sizes and industries

• Full reserved seating support

Customize seating plan based on your venue and set ticket price accordingly.

• Keep track of your sales

Stay aligned with your ticket sales to ramp up your marketing or sit back and relax.

• Integrate with CRM system

The seamless flow of data allows you to engage with your attendees during any stage of the event lifecycle.

• Secured payment

Chumi allows you to receive payout instantly and offers your attendees all common payment methods.

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online ticketing

Track your tickets sales in real-time

Be in control with your tickets sales with access to auto-generated reports and dashboards at your figertips. Stay aligned with the number to ramp up your marketing or sit back and relax.

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online ticketing

Protect your money with our secured payment gateway

Chumi allows your attendees to pay online in a simple and secure way, and comes with more than clear pricing and fast payouts. You could opt in to get your money instantly. We also supports almost all types of payment method that you could think of.

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Who we've worked with

Experience in all the right places

We work with brands in a variety of event types, from music & concert show to business conference & sports, in a variety of different ways. Here are just a few.

  • ticketmaster
  • eventbrite
  • tiktok
  • vism
  • inchant
  • adem
  • tdlmedia
  • tixlive